Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.
Images and photos of Cryptex. ESC WELT.


Free Delivery

Delivery takes 3-4 days

100% eco-friendly
Exclusive design
Best gift for anyone

Your gift, your code!

Make your gift personal and distinctive. With your own code, it will be guaranteed unique.

Your gift, your code!

Guaranteed fun and enjoyment.

Prepare for 15-20 minutes of guaranteed fun. It's a perfect blend of surprise and enjoyment suitable for all ages!

Guaranteed fun and enjoyment.

Give with puzzle fun and emotions.

Do you want to present your monetary gift creatively and personally? With the perfect dimensions of 20x10x10 cm, it's the ideal surprise gift.

Give with puzzle fun and emotions.


Regular gift wrap is used only once. You can reuse this game to securely store money, jewelry, or other valuables.


Robust and interactive.

Individual components made of high-quality birch wood are carefully assembled by hand to accommodate all mechanical puzzles. This makes the gaming experience more interactive and interesting.

Robust and interactive.

Modern design.

Once the Cryptex is decoded, you can use it as decoration for your home. For example, as a storage box for jewelry, money, and other precious items.

Modern design.

Can I play the Cryptex multiple times?

Yes, you can play the Cryptex multiple times. It doesn't get damaged when you play. However, there is only one way to solve the puzzle. So, if you play it a second time, you already know how to do it.

How long does the game last?

On average, it takes 15-20 minutes to solve all the puzzles.

How many people can play?

The game is designed for a maximum of one player.

Can I play with my child?

Yes, you can play with your child. All products are intended for children aged 14 and above. But if you help your child and solve the puzzle together, it will strengthen your family bond and allow your child to tackle challenging tasks as a team!

Our marvelous Cryptex is a new and unique packaging format. In order to receive a gift, your friend or loved one now has to solve a few puzzles.

EscapeWelt has developed an innovation that transforms packaging into a captivating puzzle game and an unforgettable unwrapping experience.

We all look forward to the excitement of giving and receiving gifts, so why not make the process even more enjoyable?

Challenge your friend or loved one. Place the gift inside, set your personalized code, and lock it.

Watch as they try to open the Cryptex, bringing even more fun and suspense to everyone present when the gift is unwrapped.

It's really simple:

Open the Cryptex following our provided instructions.

Place your monetary gift inside.

Set your personalized code and get ready to give it away!

Witness your friends' "puzzle shock" when they discover that your gift is also a puzzle.

More than 150,000 customers have already joined the EscapeWelt family, and more are joining every day. They appreciate our work and commitment to creating the best possible experience and show their love by coming back again and again.

We will continue to bring happiness to you and your families!

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 20x10x10 cm

The set includes:


Buyer's manual

Gift card for the recipient

Receiver's manual

Need a little help solving the puzzle? Scan the QR code on the flyer and visit the online tips page.

Available in English, German, and other languages.


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